Structured Star
Semi-structured Border
Structured Border
Structured Tree
Living Letters Studio
1603 Latimer Place East,  Wilmington, Delaware 19805
Structured Star
Structured Tree
Semi-Structured Border
Structured Border
Living Letters Studio serves all beloved couples of whatever religion or no religion. Straight and same -gender-loving.
Text fits tightly
into the center
of a  6-pointed star.
Star fits within a circle.
Hebrew on the left,
English on the right.  
Monogram in top center point.
Signatures in bottom center point.
Spaces between the circle and star
are filled with flowers.
Hebrew on the left, English on the right.  
Mountain fills top center point
Roses fill remaining 5 points.
Star fits within a circle.
Spaces between the circle and star
filled with Aspen Forest at bottom and meadow on top.
Side panels filled with portraits of Bride and Groom.
Star set into a Circle, set into a Square.
Star is split into Yin-Yang shapes,
representing night and day.
Side paces between the Star and circle
filled with doves of peace.
Text flanks the circle
and fits tightly between the square and circle.
Two Trees intertwine
and create a Heart Shape for the text.
Text sits within the Heart Shape
Large Leaf Shapes fill the branches.
"My Father's Tallit. I want it to surround the text."
Text sits within the space surrounded by the Tallit.
Atarah (neckpiece) contains text.
Actual Tallit painted as still life object and free-form border
Metallic threads represented with metallic ink.
Graduated Wash, colors grade from top to bottom.
Butterflies create a free-form border.
One large Butterfly left unpainted and filled with entire
text of an e.e.cummings poem.
Text in center
Graduated Wash, colors grade from outer edge.
Animals and leaves create a dense free-form border.
Text in center
"Pomegranate Branches and Monarch Butterflies Text
in white on the night sky.
Irregular edges on outer and inner edges of border.
Gems create a loose, oval necklace border.
Hamsa Hand made of gems anchors the border.
Text, centered
The Tablets of the Law
stand at the top of the composition
with a large protecting Tree on either side.
The Grass beneath Trees and Tables
continue as background color for text in center.
The balance of the border
is Roses and Eucalyptus leaves.
Two overlapping Circles
offset by watercolor wast
contain the text,
surrounded by Flowers.
Oval format has colors that shade
from deep Blue-Black at outer edge
to almost White at the center.
Portraits of Bride and Groom.
Surrounded by Quote that cycles
through a Rainbow of colors. This is
Text fits into a circle which is
surrounded by a circle of leaves.
Text sits within a Circle,
which surrounds a Sri Yantra.
The outer edge
is a Border representing the Home.
Deep Purple wash forms the background.
Small  shadings of Gold emphasize corners.
Includes floral inner border.
Night sky
with Moon in correct phase
and Dove with flower garland.
Landscape of Jerusalem
in bottom semi-circle.
Compass and Ruler drawn border.
Deep Blue Wash Grades to Middle
Blue and represents the night sky.
Moon is in the correct phase for the
date of the wedding.
Celtic Interlace Surrounds.
Ruler and Compass drawn border
contain White Gladiolas
on a dark Blue background.
Inner Border has small corners
containing pencil illustrations
relating to the careers
of the bride and groom.
A Stethoscope, A Microphone,
A Human Heart.
Two poles and a top layer of
flowers suggest a Huppah.
Pots of flowers anchor the poles.
Text in center.
Overall color wash.
Ruler and Compass drawn border,
in blocks of clear colors.
Various Jewish symbols
fill some of the blocks.
Quote fills one block.
Text on White panel, off center.
Stylized Trees flank
double panel "Two Tablets" border,
topped by a stylized Jerusalem.
Soft pinks and purples
create the background.
Ruler and Compass drawn border
encloses several landscapes
relating to the courtship of the couple.
Semi-circular inset at bottom
represents exact location of the proposal.
Text sits in a block in center.
Night Sky with moon fills the top section.
Outer border is lettered text.
Inner border of leaves and  animals.
Initial Hebrew Word
has interactive Cat.