Floral Free Form
Living Letters Studio
1603 Latimer Place East,   Wilmington, Delaware 19805
Floral Free Form
Tree, Free Form  
Tree, Free Form
Free form
Living Letters Studio serves all beloved couples of whatever religion or no religion. Straight and same -gender-loving.
Text Only
Bouquet of Flowers balances  
Wedding Commemorative
Includes Chinese Characters
Deep Orange Calla Lilies elegantly
flank the text.
Text shades from Orange to Green.
Background Watercolor Wash
Shades from Green to Orange
White Hosta Flowers and
are picked out of
the neutral Green
Text in 2 columns
Background wash
of Blue Sky and Clouds
ends at a field of fluttery Poppies
in Reds and Pinks.
Quote in several languages
flank the main text.
White Lilies
picked out
of Green background
wash. Free-form text.
Deep Purple Callas
tied together with a Ribbon
sit in front of a green background.
Text is tucked under the flowers.
Two Acacia Trees symbolize
the Bride and Groom.
Their Greenness
stands as a defense
against the  Desert,
which  represents the harshness
of the "Outside World"
"You and Me against the World, Babe!"
The aridity of the Air naturally causes
a deep intense Blue in the sky.
Naturalistic representation
of a flowering branch,
the text flows
over the illustration.
Contrast is kept soft
under the text.
A Peacock is
the dynamic solo element.
Created with direct brush strokes,
the composition
was practiced over and over
until it could be executed perfectly.
Prep time, hours.
Painting time, moments.
Text surrounds bird.
Birds of Paradise dramatically
flank the text.
Text is Hebrew only with Taggim.
Deep Green Background
with pale lettering.
intense graduated wash from
deep blue to deep green.
The Tree sits atop
a family tree.
Tiny colorful leaves dot the
where a quote from Ruth
threads through.
Bird of Paradise
with large leaves.
Text floats on top.
The couple fell in love with my
painting "Leapin' and Hoppin". I
knew I could never repeat the
painting, so their Ketubah was
lettered directly onto the painting.
The background wash
is representative
of Cosmic Energy.
The text floats freely over it.
Signatures of all attendees,
in the Quaker tradition,
spoke out from the center
all around.
Watkins Glen represents the couple's origin story.
You can see them together on the bridge.
The Waterfall creates a space for the lettering
so the detail was kept low.
A quote from Song of Songs in Hebrew tops the text
"I am my Beloved's and my Beloved is mine."
Hard to see, but tucked into the foliage
is the logo of their favorite sports team.
Not all details
need to be in your face.
Taking inspiration
directly from Chagall's
paintings, the text is
layered over the sky.
The landscape
represents this couple's
origin story.
Soft contrast fades to sky
with only the fewest
of rocky coast.
Here's the view from the balcony
during a memorable Sunset
where the engagement occurred.  
Text is layered over sky and clouds
Waterfall creates
a background for the English
and Bush
creates a background for Hebrew.
Intense Autumn colors abound.
Text Alone can be enough to satisfy.
Side panels are filled with portraits of the couple from individual photos
and pictures of their formal wear,
Text fits tightly into the center of a  6-pointed star.
Hebrew on the left, English on the right.  
Mountain fills top center point
Roses fill remaining 5 points.
Star fits within a circle.
Spaces between the circle and star
filled with Aspen Forest at bottom and meadow on top.
Portraits can be created from a "Sit" or from individual or group photos. Since the Wedding Clothes are
usually not available when the Ketubah is created, I usually work from a description or from product photos
English in
Spencerian with
Script Hebrew
designed to be
Spencerian Flourishing
sets off the names of the couple.
In an otherwise
entirely English document,
the header translates as
"I am my beloved's
and my beloved is mine"
from the Song of Songs.
A Commemorative
created from the couple's
wedding pictures.
A beautiful
First Anniversary Gift.
Portraits of the couple
from individual photos
and pictures of their formal wear,
combine under a fanciful Huppah.
The background wash shades from
White at center to deep Blue
on the edges.
Lettering in opaque White
shading to Grey.
Painted in bold letters
allows for overpainting
of small floral details.
The balance of the text
is tucked around this.