Living Letters Studio
1603 Latimer Place East,   Wilmington, Delaware 19805
1.        A minimum of 2 weeks advanced notice is required.  Any project
received less than 2 weeks prior to the due date may be considered “RUSH”
MAY be subject to additional fees of up to 100%.  Rush projects will only
within the allotted time.  Rush projects will be completed with choices about
any important elements specified by you at the time of ordering.  Failing that,
we will use our discretion so that the commission may be completed on time.

2.        Design elements not specified by the client are at our discretion.

3.        Customer will approve a pencil version, if required.  If client is unable
to approve a pencil draft, then the draft will be considered acceptable.

4.        All changes to the original request must be made at the time of
approving the pencil version, and may be subject to additional charges.

5.        Assumptions about the way a piece or its framing will look in its
completed form are made at your own risk.

6.        When the client is uncertain how an element may look, they may
request a sample for clarification.

7.        Choices not specified by the customer will be at our discretion.

8.        A non-refundable deposit of a minimum of 1/3 of the total cost is due at
the time of ordering.  The balance is due on completion of the project.  
Exceptions are jobs secured with a “30 days net” purchase order, or those
clients with a “preferred customer status”*.  Customers with a prior record of
late payment will be required to pay the full amount before work will begin, or
supply valid credit card information that we will charge for the full amount on
completion of the project.

9.          No returns will be considered after 30 days.

10.        Projects left for more than 90 from the commencement of the job will
be considered “dead”.  These jobs may be stored by us without liability, if space
is available.  Every effort will be made to contact the customer no later than 2
weeks before the end of the 90 day period, but if no response is received, no
forfeit any monies paid.

* Preferred Customer Status is reserved for people or organizations who are
delightful to work with and who have a history of reasonableness and on-time
payment This status is conferred at our discretion.