Decorative Capitals...Outlined, Boxed, Illustrated, Incised, Designed, Enlarged, Flourished
Fit into shape
Odd Surfaces
Decorative Bar , as a stand alone element or as a border or central divider
historiated...Illustration that tells a story
Intractive...Lettering interacts with Illustration
Border...Colors, Patterns, Vines, Squiggles, Circles, Dots, Flame Edging....
Silver Roman Capital,
White Vine,
Uncial Versal
Painted in multiple
shades of Green
Gold counters
Incised decoration
Red Uncial based
capital with free
Blue Counters
Red and Blue vine
Flanking Lions
Tablets of the Law Illustration
intertwined Ram's Horns
Fill of Leaves
Versal Capitals with
Bookhand lower case.
Surrounding Bar
Painted leaf and flower fill
Painted & Outlined Versal
Boxed with Outline
Roman Large and
Small Capitals.
Background of Swirl
Roman Large
Capitals decorated
with Swirls
and Small Capitals
All Outlined
Painted Letters with
overlaid decorative floral
Capitals, Italicized
with Free Flourishing.
Flame Outline
Spencerian Lettering with
tight Flourishing.
Designed to fit exactly
Painted Versals with
decorative pattern. Small
Painted Roman Capitals,
surrounded by Bump
Roman Large Capitals
with 2-color Leaf
decoration & tiny red
Small Capitals
Free Sized Roman Capitals.
Flame Outline
Pencil drawing.
Enlarged Painted Name
Modified Old English
Spencerian Lettering with
tight Flourishing.
Designed to fit exactly
Boxed and Illustrated
Oversized Capital
Large Roman Capitals
Spencerian Lettering with
tight Flourishing.
Designed to fit exactly.
Interacts with Illustration
Oversized Letters act
as frames for individual
Interactive Lettering
and Illustration
Interactive Lettering
and Illustration
Historiated Capital.
Illustration tells a story
Living Letters Studio
1603 Latimer Place East,  Wilmington, Delaware 19805
Painted Large and
Small Capitals
Outlined and Boxed