Why do it by hand in 2016?


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It’s so easy now. You open up a Word Doc and grab down some text. A little formatting, maybe cut-and-paste a graphic and then you e-mail it off to the Graphics Provider who prints it out onto decent quality paper. Drop it into a readymade frame from your local craftsy store (All framing 60% off!). Now you can present that to your honoree. Excuse me if this seems like somewhat less of an honor than receiving a hand-lettered and illustrated document by a quality Calligrapher. Framed by a skilled framer.

. e.jean award (6) e.jean award (1)

Honoring e.jean Lanyon for a lifetime of contribution

What I do is hard. It’s rare. It’s beautiful. And, it’s appropriate as a recognition for someone who has labored a lifetime for your business or cause. True appreciation is so very rare and has always been thus. Folks who receive my documents are special. Important. And the documents are cherished.  They become the centerpiece of folks brag walls. Folks who have a lot to brag about. They get handed down to the next generation. Now that’s a worthy honor.